September 25, 2010
CAW addresses VIA Rail's Attendance Management Policy

On Tuesday, September 7, 2010 in Montreal, representatives of the national leadership of the CAW - Council 4000 and Local 100 -
met with VIA Rail to raise our concerns about VIA’s new attendance management policy, which was first announced in August.

Among other things, we expressed our disappointment that VIA had waited until after our ratification vote to roll out this new
program and also, that they had developed and announced it without any prior meaningful consultation with the Union.

At the September 7th meeting, we raised many questions about exactly how the new program would be applied and whether it
would alter any of the existing practices and agreements. We are still waiting for clear answers to some important questions.

While employers have a general right to monitor attendance and manage absenteeism issues, the law requires that they comply
with the collective agreement and human rights legislation. Until we know exactly what changes VIA intends to introduce, we will be
watching the situation closely and reserving our right to challenge any practice which is detrimental to our members. We will make
sure that our members are treated fairly and with respect.

"It is VIA Rail’s responsibility to ensure the Union and all its employees have a clear understanding of VIA Rail’s Attendance
Management Policy," said Local 100 President John Burns.  

“The union has expressed our concerns with VIA Rail, that their Attendance Management Policy must be fair and equitable to our
membership,” said Council 4000 President Barry Kennedy.

We will issue an update as soon as we receive clear answers to our questions. In the meantime, we would appreciate your help. If
you become aware of any new practice or policy in your workplace with regard to absences on account of sickness or any other
grounds, please advise your union representative right away.

In Solidarity:

Barry Kennedy
CAW National Council 4000

John Burns
CAW Local 1000