September 12, 2010
CAW Council 4000 Local Elections

This spring saw the five Regional Local Unions that form CAW National Council 4000 hold their Local Elections, including elections for
Local Presidents.

Congratulations go out to four of the five Local Presidents who were recently elected in these elections.

Re-elected as Local Presidents were John Dowell for Local 4001, Brad Roy for Local 4002 and Monica Hrapkowicz for Local 4004.

Jennifer Brown was elected as the new Local President for Local 4005 in Atlantic Canada, replacing long time President Warren Hutt
who retired effective July 1, 2010.  It is great to see another woman at the helm of another Local within Council 4000.  

We would be remiss not thank Brother Hutt, a long time activist within our Union, for all his contributions and work on behalf of the
members of not only Local 4005, but our Council and our Union in general.  We wish him and his wife Edna well and good health in
their retirement.  

The election for Local 4003 President is still being conducted, with a second ballot being required for a run-off between incumbent
Steve Legge and past VIA Agreement 1 Local Chairperson Frank Consiglio.  We wish both candidates good luck on the second
ballot.  We must acknowledge another long time union activist, Denise Hampden, who also ran for the position of Local 4003
President, but did not capture enough ballots on the first ballot.  Thank you Denise for your continued activism in your union!

Nominations will be held in the beginning of October at the Council 4000 Convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia for the positions of
National Council President and Secretary-Treasurer.  Elections will commence before the end of the year for these two positions.