October 5, 2010
Barry Kennedy re-elected as President of National Council 4000

Barry Kennedy has been acclaimed as President of CAW National Council 4000 following his nomination during the final day of the
National Council 4000 Convention in Halifax.  Kennedy received a standing ovation from the delegates and guests in attendance.

Kennedy said he was honoured by the show of support and encouragement shown him.  "It is a tremendous honour to stand
before my peers and accept the challenge as the Council's President.  I take serious the responsibilities that come with this job.  It
is an important role in that you are working for the membership who pays your salary.  I do not take these responsibilities lightly.
I am honoured by the support and will do my very best in working for our membership from coast to coast."  

"It’s been a challenging, but exciting time since first assuming the duties as the President of Council 4000, said Kennedy.  Kennedy
said that his first challenge in his new three year term will be bargaining with CN and Savage Alberta Railway.

This will be Kennedy's first full term as President of Council 4000.  He was elected to the position in the summer of 2009, and
officially became President on September 28, 2009, replacing Bob Fitzgerald who was appointed to CAW national staff.  

Prior to becoming Council President, Kennedy was the Regional Representative responsible for servicing the CAW Local 4001
membership employed at CN, CNTL and Savage Alberta Railway for over 9 and a half years, since July 2, 2000.  Before becoming
Regional Representative, he was the Unit Local Chairperson for the Alberta Administration/VIA Rail Unit of Local 4001, and
President and Local Chairperson of CAW Local 4031 before the formation of National Council 4000 in 1997.

Barry Kennedy is based out of the CAW Edmonton Area Office.

During the Council 4000 Convention, nominations were also held for the position Secretary-Treasurer for National Council 4000.  

Present incumbent Heather Grant was nominated for her second term.  Also nominated was Local 4003 Financial Secretary Tim
McArthur.  An election for Secretary-Treasurer will be forthcoming, with the results to be known by the end of November.

Election underway for Secretary-Treasurer of National Council 4000
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