July 21, 2010
CAW members ratify new collective agreement with VIA Rail

On Saturday, June 26, 2010, the CAW reached a tentative agreement with the VIA system covering Agreements 1, 2 and 3. We held
a leadership meeting on Monday, June 28 in which the agreement was unanimously endorsed by top leadership for all three
agreements. The Master Bargaining Committee immediately commenced ratification across the country and we are pleased to report
the following ratification results:

Agreement 1 - 93.36%
Agreement 2 - 91.79%
Agreement 3 Shopcraft - 79.39%

These results reflect the overwhelming support by the membership of 88% overall. This is a three year agreement that includes
wage increases for each year of the agreement totalling 6.5%; improvements in various benefits; improvements in short-term and
long-term disability; maternity leave; new apprenticeship program for Shopcraft and for the first time, establishes a health care
spending accounting for retirees. In addition, a number of improvements were made in training, seniority protections on the general
bid and numerous other improvements in contract language in each of the agreements. This is a major victory for VIA workers,
especially given the massive concessions that VIA management tabled during the negotiations.

The VIA Master Bargaining Committee wishes to thank the leadership and membership for their solidarity. It shows once again the
importance of a strong strike vote and setting a deadline with the employer. The Master Bargaining Committee would also like to
thank the Strike Captains, who were ready to fully engage and provide picket line direction and support to our members, if in fact a
dispute arose.

The next challenge for VIA members will be to step-up our ongoing campaign to ensure that VIA services are protected and
enhanced for customers, and that the government of the day continues to support this important passenger service that links our
country coast to coast to coast.  

In Solidarity,
VIA Master Bargaining Committees                         Ken Lewenza
CAW Local 100 and Council 4000                            National President

Peter Kennedy                                                        Jean-Pierre Fortin
National Secretary-Treasurer                                  Quebec Director

Source:  CAW Railfax


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