January 28, 2010
CAW response to VIA Rail's announcement on Pension Plan changes

VIA Rail has released a notice to all employees, concerning an adjustment to the administration of VIA’s pension plans.  This
announced change affects unionized and non-unionized employees who chose to leave VIA before the age of 55 with 20 years of
service or more.  The union was not notified in advance of these changes.  We were sent a copy of the notification (Message to
Employees) this morning.  You may recall CN Rail similarly changed its pension administration rules in late 2008 and early 2009.

The CAW put VIA on notice, that we will challenge this decision unless proper protections are put in place for our members at VIA.  
Pension matters as always are complicated and challenging.  VIA’s correspondence states that this change was necessary due to a
significant negative impact on the health of the pension fund.  In addition, VIA senior management has indicated that the current
practice places significant financial liability on the pension plan.  We have registered our concerns in the strongest terms possible to
VIA senior management and are awaiting a response back from them concerning our objections and inquiries.  Policy changes are at
times negative to our members; we fully intend to ensure that does not happen.

Source:  CAW Railfax