February 17, 2010
CAW scheduling talks with CN over job abolishment’s at Saskatoon

On November 6, 2009, CN served notice to the CAW as in accordance Article 8.1(a) of the Employment Security and Income
maintenance Agreement (ESIMA) advising of the abolishment of 9 permanent Servo Centre Control Clerk (SCC) positions at
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  The initial effective date was shown to be March 8, 2010, but the Company re-issued its notice on
January 15, 2010 informing the Union that the effective date will now be April 7, 2010.

In early October 2009, CAW National Council 4000 President Barry Kennedy spoke with CN’s Senior Vice President for Western
Canada, Mike Cory, expressing his concerns of the workload being experienced by the CAW Local 4002 membership at Saskatoon.  
Kennedy then wrote Mr. Cory
[Click here to read the letter sent to CN’s Sr. VP].  Shortly thereafter, the Company issued their
official notice that all 9 positions of SCCs at Saskatoon would be abolished in 2010.

The Union was hoping to meet with senior Company officials to discuss the matter further with the hope of reversing this decision,
or, to spare some of the 9 positions from being abolished or transferred outside of the Saskatoon Terminal.  Unfortunately, the
Company was not interested in meeting and advised that they will continue with these changes.

On February 16, the Union wrote CN Labour Relations to request details as to the consequent changes in working conditions as is
required by the provisions set out in Article 8.1(a) of the ESIMA
[Click here to read the letter].  The Company failed to include
specific details concerning where the work is destined that is today being performed by SCCs at Saskatoon.  Who will perform this
work following this change and where?

Clearly, this change will cause adverse affects to the membership at Saskatoon.  The Union has requested an Article 8.4 meeting to
determine the necessary measures in minimizing the adverse effects on our membership, which will include affected members being
allowed to transfer with relocation benefits with their permanent positions and opportunities for training, to name some.

More information will be forthcoming when it becomes available.