August 27, 2010
Recognizing 25 Years of the CAW in Quebec

In his welcoming address to CAW delegates attending the union's Canada-Quebec Joint Council and 25th anniversary celebrations,
Quebec Director Jean-Pierre Fortin recognized the influential role the union has had on the social and political development of the
province as well as the rights of working people.

Fortin reminded delegates of the historic fights that CAW members in Quebec have undertaken, including members at United Aircraft
(later Pratt & Whitney) who won landmark union security legislation, members who struck General Motors and won major gains in
bargaining, among many other examples.

"Our union has witnessed extraordinary growth over the past 25 years in Quebec and that's because many workers see us, and
our legacy of social unionism, as a sign of hope that working people, together, can fight for justice and win," Fortin said.

Fortin, a long time union activist in Quebec, was a member of the CAW's first National Executive Board, established after the union
was formed in 1985.

Source:  CAW News

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